Do massage therapists need to be licensed or certified in Indiana?

Indiana just recently passed a certification law for massage therapists. Until 2009 anybody can claim to be a massage therapist in Indiana, even those with little or no training. Starting sometime in 2009 new massage therapists will be required to graduate from an approved school and pass a standardized test.

How do I find a legitimate massage practitioner?

Be prepared to ask questions such as:
1. How much formal training they have received?
2. How many years have they been in the massage business.
3. Where did they go to school, and is it approved or accredited by national organizations such as AMTA, ABMP, or COMTAA?
4. Are they a member of a professional organization such as AMTA or ABMP?
5. Are they insured?

Aren't all massage therapists about the same?

Massage therapists vary widely in their skill levels, education, techniques, personalities, etc.

How do I know which therapist is right for me?

Once again, you need to ask questions. Finding out if they are legitimate massage therapists is just the beginning. Now you need to find if they are a good match for your needs. To find that out you should ask:
1. What types of massage do they practice?
2. If you are experiencing a particular problem you need addressed, have they ever worked with that problem before?
3. What would they recommend for your problem?
4. Ask to see their office. This allows you to check for accessibility, cleanliness, decor, etc.

Then you'll just have to try a massage with the therapist and see if his touch and personality are agreeable with you.

Am I totally naked when I get a massage?

That is a common question. While some forms of massage do not require you to undress at all, for most massages you undress down to your level of comfort. We always keep you covered with sheets and towels, with only the body part being massaged exposed. All private areas are always kept covered.

Are tips allowed?

Gratuities are not expected, but they are appreciated. Most clients will tip about 10-20% of the value of the massage.

What if I find the massage uncomfortable?

Please let the therapist know if you feel any discomfort. Massage is a two-way street. You need to let the therapist know if something hurts or if you feel uncomfortable in any way. Sometimes a massage will hurt, but most clients say it hurts good. Mild pain is often common with deep massages, but intense pain is a warning.

May I request a particular therapist?

Yes. We currently have two therapists working at Focus Therapeutic Massage, Kathy and Paul. Some people feel more comfortable with a male therapist, while others prefer a female therapist. They all have different levels of experience and training so you should be able to find one to match your needs.

Do I have to stay with the same therapist on succeeding visits?

No, you may ask for either of our therapists. Many of our clients like to experience the difference to see which therapist is more suitable for them. We want what is best for you.