Welcome to Focus Therapeutics Massage. This year we are celebrating 16 years of providing quality massage therapy to the Indianapolis area. We offer a wide range of massage techniques to suit your needs. While many think of massage as strictly a luxury or merely a form of relaxation, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Do you feel like you're getting pulled in too many directions at once?

Yes, massage is excellent for relaxation and stress relief, and many of our clients come here for that very reason, but a large portion of our clientele come here to have their specific health problems addressed.

Massage can even help prevent problems.

Massage is just like exercise and a good diet, it is best when done on a regular basis. By relaxing muscles, stimulating blood and lymph flow, and increasing flexibility many potential health problems and injuries may be lessened or even prevented by regular massage.

"Wow! I haven't felt
this great in years.
My pain has finally
gone away. Thank
you so much
for your help!"

- J. Smith, Indianapolis

Do you have any of these conditions? We can help!        
Fibromyalgia Headaches Muscle Pain
Back Pain Arthritis Occupational Injuries
Whiplash Sciatic Pain Sports Injuries
Tendinitis Scoliosis  Neck Pain