Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy

The most popular massage we offer, Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy, is arguably the best all-around therapy available. It has been found to be effective with many conditions such as: 




 Neck, Back, Joint, & Muscle Pain 

 Occupational & Sports Injuries 

 Multiple Sclerosis 

 Plus many, many more! 

It is also very good for relaxation. Many of our clients claim they feel the effects of a Pfrimmer several days after a session, much longer than when they receive other therapies. 

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy is a cross-fiber, deep muscle technique developed over 50 years ago by Therese Pfrimmer. Don't let the term "deep muscle" scare you. We don't use knuckles, elbows, or any hard devices that are normally associated with other deep muscle therapies. These can cause unnecessary pain and potential muscle damage. All work is done with our hands and fingers, with the pressure adjusted to suit our clients. 

So don't wait. The best way to understand what a Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy can do for you is to try one.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is probably the most common type of massage available. It is a massage offering a lighter touch and using mostly long smooth strokes. While not as therapeutic as a Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy, a Swedish Massage does offer some therapeutic value in addition to being a very relaxing modality.


Many people think of Reflexology as merely a foot massage, however it is much more. Reflexology is based on the theory that there are reflex points in the feet that correspond to each organ and body part. 

By stimulating these reflex points the corresponding organs and body parts are positively affected. The goal of Reflexology is to improve nerve and blood supply, and help the body to achieve balance.

Reflexology is not new. There is evidence it was practiced by the ancient Egyptians. Modern Reflexology was first researched and developed by Eunice Ingham. 

Many people today find many benefits from receiving regular Reflexology therapies.

Chair Massage

Also known as Seated Massage or Corporate Massage, Chair Massage is a terrific alternative to other therapies for those short on time or money. It is a great introduction to massage since the client remains fully clothed. For this reason it also applies itself well to business and public functions. Seated massages can be performed in our clinic, but it is more widely utilized in other settings.

One reason it is also called Corporate Massage is because it is an excellent benefit a company can offer its employees. More and more businesses are offering this service as either a part of a wellness program, as a performance incentive, or simply as a way of saying thanks to some deserving employees. We have provided this much appreciated service to several large companies such as: GM/UAW, Acordia Insurance Group, Bank One, Golden Rule Insurance, and USA Group. Many smaller businesses have also taken advantage of this opportunity. 

But don't limit your thinking to only the employees at your place of work. Seated massages also work great as a treat for customers and clients at trade shows and conventions, grand openings, company picnics and parties, . . . . . You name it! 

Stretching Class for Office Workers

In addition to corporate chair massage we will soon be offering a class on stretching for the workplace. A few minutes of daily stretching can greatly improve productivity and morale while decreasing muscle aches and pains, and work related injuries. We will instruct your employees how to perform stretches than can be done right at their desks or work stations. Each employee will be given a chart showing the different stretches. Call Paul Hilton for more information.

Hot Stone Massage

If you want to try something a little different schedule a hot stone massage with Helen. Let the heat from the basalt stones soak through your tight muscles.

Aqua Spa Foot Detox

This is a professional detoxification system which aids in the total body purification. By using an ionization process, toxins are drawn out through the feet while they soak in a pan of warm water. You have to see the results for yourself. Most people experience an improvement in the health and a noticeable increase in their energy level.


Vitality Swing (Chi Machine)

The Vitality Swing helps:

Increase metabolism and promote weight loss

Increase oxygen to the cells

Promote cell repair and rejuvenation

Relieve back pain and relaxes muscles

Strengthen the immune system

Eliminate fatigue and improve sleep